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Parador de Cádiz

It is a hotel which is one of the famous Paradores hotels that you can find all over Spain. However, this hotel is still an exception to the rule, the Parador hotels are normally located in historic buildings, this is a ver y special design hotel.
The hotel accommodates 124 rooms of varying degrees, but from all of them you can see the sea shining in the sunlight.
Located just outside the beautiful old center, this hotel is a fantastic place to stay but also serves as a stylish base for making various trips and boat trips. In terms of decor, the hotel is progressive, almost futuristic. On a small scale it is not all but impressive the more! A large modern hall with ditto reception gives you a first impression.
Modern materials such as marble, wood, metal stone and glass have been used to give the whole an avant garde appearance.
The rooms are bright, large windows and bright materials, all of them have a spacious terrace. Large bathrooms complete the whole.
Special mention is there for the pool, gigantic and it seems to be about to go over in the sea. Again a consistent use of modern materials. Lots of relaxing loungers and it is an ideal place to watch the sun go down before you go to the pleasant restaurant.

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