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Conil de la Frontera

Oasis at the ocean

As soon as you spend a bit more time in Conil, it is guaranteed to have a special place in your heart. The center of the city is cozy, Spanish, white, lots of terraces and restaurants. Narrow streets with squares, fountains and shops.
It is wonderful to stay, a beautiful white town of around 20,000 inhabitants, located on a very wide and long sandy beach of the Costa de la Luz. Cádiz is 42 km away.
But Conil has much more to offer, especially thanks to its inhabitants, the Conileñas. The great climate has of course a great influence on your way of being and with the Conileñas you can tell by theire philosophy of life, open, cheerful, hospitable, friendly and pleasant to deal with. Really relaxed!
Around Conil you can find a diverse landscape, from elongated beaches, small sheltered beaches with high cliffs, forests and beautiful overflowing vistas of hilly landscape.
Conil lends itself very well for a family holiday but is definitely recommended for other compositions!

Gastronomically Conil is pure enjoyment. There is plenty of local fish available and the annual tuna fishing is a true spectacle. The so-called atún rojo del Mediterráneo. These tuna are caught with tuna traps, the Almadraba. In the middle of the last century, this way of catching was again set up as an event, as a tourist attraction and with the sushi in attendance a great combination, but also to taste Andalusian recipes every year on the Ruta del Atun. The annual catch takes place in the spring, in May. There is also a lot of vegetables grown in the Conil area, the Huerta of Conil, this in combination with the fishing and breeding of the special indigenous cows breed the Retinto, makes you can get great meals in Conil!