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You must have been here!

The city Cádiz
My first impression was huh? Is this such a special city? But after the long road, once under the gate, the Valhalla opens! A beautiful city, you immidiately close in your heart.

The elongation of the place makes it attractive for vacationers. It has miles of beaches, mainly located in the youngest part of the city, once at the end of the long access road you enter the old city, where history has taken place, clearly visible in various places. The city is a jumble of streets, squares and old houses, with historic buildings everywhere, all with their own story, you are absolutely fascinated by the beauty, the atmosphere and the sea breeze that the city of Cádiz breathes.

There are many stories, where the nickname of Cádiz comes from, the silver cup. They say it's because people used to drink their coffee outside from their most beautifull cups, or because of the shape of the bay ... some say it's because of the color of the sea ... others say a silver cup is more than something else worthwhile, and it gives Cadiz the value it deserves ... Anyway, this "nickname" of the city has been in use for more than 200 years and nobody knows exactly why ....

A morning in Cádiz can start with a small walk, along the promenade of Caleta, where, in the summer, the inhabitants of Cadiz make a party of every day. Do not be surprised if you see the women playing bingo between the waves and in the sand.
At the beginning of the afternoon, a stop for an aperitif in Hotel Parador is an excellent idea. Try some of the local wines with salted almonds or with the typical salted fish, typical of this province, an authentic taste of Cádiz. You are now close to Genoveses Park, a lush park where many plants of different origins live in an ideal temperature environment.

And I don't must forget to mention, of course, the feast of Cadiz and, in my opinion, the feast of Spain: Carnival. And rightly this is carnival with the capital C. Almost the whole month of February, with the epicenter the old theater Manuel de Falla. Thousands of people gather around to attend the most important event of the year, where Chirigotas, quartets, choirs and bands compete for the most original, funny or exciting song. It's not about winning, but about having fun ... People all over the world know how to find the carnival of Cadiz, and enjoy it. If there is a party in Spain that I would recommend, it would certainly be Carnival in Cadiz.

Enjoying in Cádiz goes without saying, you will find the friendliest people of Spain, funny people, social and charismatic, let yourself be embraced by a welcoming atmosphere and discover the purism of the art of a fishing village and the shooter, which has three of the greatest pleasures : the sun, humor and the table.

Just the history alone makes it a special experience to be there. Cádiz is known as the oldest city in Western Europe and has a long and influential history that is confirmed by the archaeological remains of the Tartesos and Phoenicians dated more than 3000 years ago. Romans and Visigoths also left their mark in Cádiz and from 711 on the Muslims.