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Do you want the best of all flamenco holidays?

Then you will travel to Tarifa this summer!
For an inspiring flamenco week in which you'll live flamenco, not only through dance, but also through guitar, vocals, cajón, and other workshops. In a beautiful setting in southern Spain, you'll form a flamenco family for a week, together with the teachers and other participants, 7 days of working together, learning, dancing, singing, and rhythm.
By experiencing all disciplines yourself, you'll understand flamenco better!
You get to know flamenco!

Enjoy every evening live shows, jam sessions and bulerías por fiësta to put into practice what you have learned ...
Meetings, new friendships, push boundaries, surprise yourself!

Do you have children? Then take them with you! There is a separate program for children from Tuesday to Saturday. Three hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon. They play, dance, visit the beach as well as the mountains where you can do and make lots of fun things.

Due to the special location of Tarifa and the ever-present wind, Tarifa has become a unique surfing area. After your flamenco day you can enjoy the best offer in water sports: kite surfing, windsurfing, paddle boarding, kayaking, but also hiking, the mountains are close by, with a beautiful nature park!

The courses are given in the center of Tarifa. Accommodation can be booked via this website or indicate in your information request which accommodation you want. At the bottom of this page more info about the lessons and the teachers.

Very limited number of places!


Complete courseFrom € 420.00
  • From July 29 to August 4 daily classes in all disciplines
  • Compás
  • Cajón
  • Guitar
  • Vocals
  • Dance
  • Entrance for daily concerts at various locations in the city
  • Complete course € 420,-

  • Accommodation not included

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Weekend courseFrom € 200.00
  • 2 and 3 August daily classes in all disciplines
  • Compás
  • Cajón
  • Guitar
  • Vocals
  • Dance
  • Entrance for the concerts of 2 and 3 August
  • Weekend course € 200,-

  • Accommodation not included

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Master Hang-PangFrom € 115.00
The brand "Noblet Handpans" and the teacher Miguel Hiroshi offer the opportunity to follow lessons of this new instrument during the weekend of this flamenco week.
  • 2 and 3 August lessons of 3 hours, 6 in total including instrument
  • These lessons are not part of the complete course
  • Master Hang-Pang € 115,-

  • Accommodation not include

Information request

Master canto del mundo (jazz, soul,funk)From € 90.00
Masterclass vocals, world music by Pastora Andrades
  • 6 hours of class
  • These lessons are not part of the complete course
  • Master world music singing € 90,-

  • Accommodation not included

Information request

Palmas, Rhythm and Beats, Percussion

You learn basic clapping rhythms, clapping to accompany flamenco dance, vocals and guitar. We will work with you on different accents, syncopes and by-times, and we will have a lot of fun grooving with more Flamenco patterns. We will add different percussion instruments that are available to practice and play with.
These lessons are given in groups and are the most essential lessons for everyone.


The cajon workshop is for beginners and advanced percussionists who are interested in learning different flamenco rhythms, techniques and history of the Cajon. In addition to learning the grooves, remates and rhythmic structures of flamenco styles such as Bulerias, Seguirillas, Tango & Rumba, etc., each lesson will include exercises based on the North Indian Language System to improve your sense of groove and rhythm. Techniques such as the double stroke, split hand and knuckle technique will be explained and studied together. Throughout the week we will combine the grooves and phrases in which we have worked in a short composition, to enjoy the experience of playing music together in a group and learning from each other.
At the end of the course participants receive a collection of all rhythms and exercises in a hand-out.

Flamenco dance

We offer two types of lessons: one for footwork and body technique (for students who only want technique) and another for creativity (for all levels).

Technique Class:
We will work profoundly on perfecting the technique of footwork technique, the different ways to rhythmically hit and hit while working on your strength and speed, always aware of the ways to prevent injury and also taking into account the basic positions of the body, arms and hands.

Creativity Building Workshop:
By experimenting with specific exercises, we will try to achieve the essence of the natural movement of each participant and thus, together with this, build up a choreography. We will work on subtle sensations, how movement is born from your own feelings, how you can improve and bring these movement sequences together and connect with each other.

All participants will work together and it is aimed at everyone who wants to enter the world of Flamenco through movement, whether they have experience or not. The goal of working in this way is to awaken the inner creativity in each of the participants, knowing that the result achieved is born from the essence of each individual and the collective group co-operation.

Flamenco guitar

As the particularly sensitive area when speaking about Flamenco guitar, for our most famous Algecireño, Paco de Lucia, Flamenco guitar will always be present in these workshops, whether you are a beginner, an advanced or an advanced student. Classes are divided into two levels; average and advanced. With teaching materials that are suitable for both levels, you can also mix with other guitar students and exchange your own ideas. You will learn how to mix the guitar and vocals, the guitar, dancing and clapping (Palmas), the rules to be followed, the structures of the flamenco styles and variations.

Flamenco singing

Singing from any music genre is a tool for liberation and the expansion of personal feelings and ideas. Used as a vehicle of unity between cultures.
Relaxation, breathing and concentration are taught and the structures of singing and how it relates to the guitar and dancing.
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Flamenco Dance: Rosario Toledo

Intuitive, fresh, expressive, visceral, earthy. The dancer and choreographer Rosario Toledo has managed to be at the top of contemporary flamenco dance thanks to her creativity and her ability to transmit to the viewer the essence of what surrounds us.

Graduated in Spanish Dance by the Superior Conservatory of Dance of Seville, she begins her professional career with her teacher Charo Cruz with the show 'Por ley de vida' and is part of the Company of Manuela Carrasco and Antonio El Pipa. From this moment, he combines his activity in renowned tablaos such as 'El Cordobés' in Barcelona or 'Los Gallos' in Seville with his collaboration as a guest artist in shows with artists of the stature of Javier Latorre, Javier Barón, Antonio Canales, Israel Galván, Joaquín Grilo, Miguel Poveda, Arcángel, Dorantes or José Antonio Rodríguez, among others.

In addition, he works as soloist with Mario Maya in his show 'De Cádiz a Cuba, la mar de Flamenco'. Among the recognitions she has received throughout her career, Rosario Toledo has won the National Prize in the Flamenco Art Contest of Córdoba for Guajiras and Tarantos (1998); the second Prize of the Festival of the Mines of the Union in 1999; the Giraldillo Award for Best Show at the Seville Bienal de Flamenco 2012 for 'Aleluya Erótica' and the 2012 Seville Stage Award for 'Erotic Alleluia' for the Best Dance Show.

Guitar: José Manuel León

Native to Algeciras, he began playing the guitar at 13 in his father’s good hands, a professional guitarist, Salvador Andrades. José Manuel León, musician and composer, published his first album in 2006, Sirimusa produced by BOST and musician Pablo Martin Caminero. The album was premiered live at the Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla 2006. During the following season, he was combining the collaborations with artists like Carmen Linares or Encarna Anillo in forums such as the Festival de Jerez (2007) and Málaga in Flamenco (2007), his own concerts in countries like Brazil.

After presenting Sirimusa at the Festival de Jerez 2008, continues collaboration with artists like the singer Carmen Linares, whilst preparing a project fusing flamenco and jazz with Kike Perdomo, Martin Leiton and Borja Barrueta; on a film with Roque Baños; and on others, with the experimental musician Artomatico, the electronic version of Sirimusa.

Currently just released his latest social / cultural Mujer_Klórica production, along with the singer Alicia Carrasco, Carmen Linares, Tomasito, Diego Carrasco and jazz musicians like Jerry Gonzalez, Kike Perdomo, Martin Leiton or Borja Barrueta.

In 2015 he took part in: JFP Jodphur Festival (Rajasthan), sharing the stage with Pepe Habichuela, Josemi Carmona and Chano Dominguez; Romaní Festival of Dresden (Germany), with a fusion of his compositions with the music of Rajasthan: Campo Amor; get involved in the II International Guitar Festival Paco de Lucia City of Algeciras 2015 and composes the music for the 2015 USA Tour of Casa Patas, Karen Lugo and Ricardo Moro Foundation.

On 2016 the recording of the Belgian production ‘The Sonanta’, a didactic work on DVD and a Book “Sirimusa en Partitura”, went on sale. José Manuel León was on tour with M_K along 2016.​

On 2017:

- Recording new album with M_K
- On tour by Belgium / Holland (june), Germany / Switzerland (april) and France (may
- Invited to collaborate with Antonio Lizana Trio to go on tour
- Ultra High Flamenco premieres in Festival de Flamenco de Jerez 2017 in march and goes on tour: NYC, Miami and the Festival de Guitarra in Belgrado.

Percussion and palmas: Ruvens Ruppik

Ruvens Ruppik was born in 1986 in Rheda_Wiedenbruck (Germany). At 8 years old he started playing the piano and the drums. At 18 years old he won the German national competition for Young Musicians (Jugend Musiziert) and got the special prize for contemporary music from 2 foundations (the Irino-Foundation and Deutschen Stiftung Musikleben). At the same time as his studies in the Detmold music conservatory, he started to become interested in traditional folklore, starting with music from the Balkans. This led to his performing in numerous concerts with different groups throughout Europe, China, Macedonia and Oman.

Furthermore, he also had the chance to work with great musicians, composers and orchestra directors such as, for example : Nordwestdeutschen Phiaharmonie (Germany), Radio Philharmony Hilversum (Netherlands) and for Radio Kamerokest (Netherlands) as a soloist and has been invited, since 2010, to play live for Radio WDR and at the Festival of “Drums and Percussion” in Paderborn (Germany). Since 2010 he has been studying World Percussion in the “World Music Department “ of Codarts University in Rotterdam.

In 2011 he published a book on the drum-box “Die Groovebox” (Ed. Coda Music).
Since 2013 he has been collaborating with the company “Sonor” giving drum master classes throughout Germany. As a percussionist he has worked with José Manuel Léon, Alicia Carrasco, Kudsi Erguner, Rima Khcheich, David Afsari Rad, Carmen Fernandez, Alexander Gavilan, Codarts and the Roya Conservatory Big Band (Koninkrijksconcert for the Queen of the Netherlands in 2012), also with Rudesh Mahanthappa in the North Sea Jazz Festival of 2012, Anna Elis de Jong Group (North Sea Round Town in 2013), Lilian viera, Izaline Calister, etc. In addition he frequently accompanied live on the drum the dancer, Irene Alvarez Toca, during different TV and radio programs in the Netherlands and Germany (Vrije Geluiden, RTV Rijnmond, Virus, Klassik Forum WDR 3, etc).

Flamenco singing: Alicia Carasco

Native to Algeciras, Cadiz. She starts her career (1974) with Paco Martin, guitarist from Algeciras.In 2010 receives the 2nd prize in the international contest of World-music “Voice & Guitar” held in Germany with guitarist Michio Woir- gardt.
Participates in the Alice Cifredo documentary “Tocaoras”, with Israeli guitarist Noa Drezner, thus touring in Israel in 2013 and 2015.

She currently works with her first solo disc Mujer_Klórica, a project related to equality and diversity. And prepares, along with Jose Manuel León, their next joint work. On this CD Mujer_Klórica is accompanied by big name artists with hearts like Carmen Linares, Jerry Gonzalez, Tino di Geral- do, Tommy Martin Leiton, David Leon, Juan Cruz, Javier Galiana, Cepillo and plenty of more “Klóricos”..... she has brought this project in different formats to countries like Germany, Holland, Switzerland, France, Morocco, etc.

She collaborates with Jose Manuel León on “SiriMusa” II International Festival of Guitarra ‘Paco de Lucia’ in 2015, City of Algeciras. Makes a 2015 USA Tour with the Foundation Casa Patas, with Karen Lugo and Ricardo Moro.
Participates in the last work of Myrddin of Cauter, ‘Rosa de Papel”, is involved with working with La Susi, Alain Perez, Masaedo Manu or Niño de Pura, with a projected tour to Belgium and France in 2016.
She was on tour by Canada in september with M_K and was invited to collaborate in the tribute to Paco de Lucía The Guitar Hero (October 2016 / February 2017) in collaboration with Acción Cultural España.

​The new album of Mujer_Klórica will be recorded in may 2017 and new tours are programmed by Belgium / Holland in june, Germany / Switzerland in april and France / UK in may.
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