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City of bon vivants!

Granada, slightly inland, is a beautiful old university town at the foot of the Sierra Nevada, it has a vibrant Flamenco life, all year round. Special Flamenco schools in the Cuevas, where it all began.

Granada is located inland, about 130 km from Malaga. It lies at the foot of the Sierra Nevada, so it's at night cool and warm during the day. The first signs of settlement date from the seventh century BC! And it shows all the old buildings around the city. Granada is versatile: it has an old and a new center, and is quite hilly. So if you walk around, there is a high chance you need to take a lot of uphill steps. The streets consist of largely, coarse bumpy cobblestones, so high heels in this city are not really useful.

Granada has historically played a major role in the development of flamenco, and still plays a major role in flamenco, big stars live here. During the first period flamenco was an underground subculture. Flamenco in Granada developed in the gypsy caves of Sacromonte district, where they also began with public appearances. In the cuevas still are spontaneous flamenco performances, if you're lucky, you will join one!

For Food and drinks you should always go for the local food and drinks: these are unlikely good!

Going out
Granada is a prestigious university town, where many young people stay. The nightlife is correspondingly: the center is crowded with small cozy cafes and bars. Also a former hippie haven, which can sometimes still be seen by the small shops and stalls with homemade stuff. Many Arab influences are seen in the culinary dishes and the buildings in the city.

The town has one of the most famous monuments in Spain, the Alhambra, a gigantic historical palace filled with remains of both Moorish and Catholic culture. The gardens at the Alhambra are also worth a visit. The Alhambra is considered one of the seven beauties in the world! Reserve a ticket in time (on internet), because it's sold out every day, both inside and outside the season.

The people are friendly and helpful, but somewhat difficult to understand because the consonants at the end of a word are "swallowed". They speak only Spanish, not English! So try to find your spanish study books, it pays off!