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Capileira and Environment

The village Capileira lies in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada known as Las Alpujarras. Located between the mountains and the Mediterranean Sea, the Alpujarras is one of the most beautiful regions of Spain.

From spectacular "lunar" landscapes to snow-capped peaks (above 3400 meters), the mountains of the Sierra Nevada to southern slopes cut by deep wooded gorges, the area offers a beautiful nature.
Of pine forests on the higher slopes, chestnut, walnut and cherry trees, almond trees, olive groves and vineyards on the lower areas of orange, lemon, pomegranate and quince trees in the valley below.

The high mountains have a special beauty, wildlife and relax in the winter to bloom in early summer with scents of wild herbs and a little spectacle of colorful flowers, unique in the Sierra Nevada.
Height and Sun have led to more botanical species evolving.

Mountain goats, wild boars, foxes, eagles, hawks, and partridges inhabit the mountains. Mules and donkeys are still working on the field while sheep and goats graze the hills.
Trout fills the river.
Each direction gives spectacular views. From the peaks of Veleta in the southern mountains and the Mediterranean Sea below.
Sometimes, at sunset, you can see the Rif Mountains in Morocco at 200 km distance.

The Moors then fled into the hills and kept their customs and way of life for 100 years until in 1492 they were expelled by their Christian conquerors. Here was their last battlefield in Spain. Their legacy is everywhere to be seen in architecture and they built their intricate irrigation system that is still used. Through them, the landscape still is green and fertile.

Capileira itself is a small village with 300 inhabitants. It offers peace and relaxation as can be expected in the traditional villages in the countryside, it offers the visitor a wide range of bars, restaurants and shops with all kinds of crafts.
The village and surrounding villages offer a wide range of activities. Hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking and painting. It is possible to do guided walks.