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Busting port city

The bustling port city of Malaga is the second largest city of Andalusia. Malaga has plenty of small cozy bars, parks and many narrow streets. Malaga is an ideal location for making excursions to Seville, Cordoba and Granada.
The coastal location of Málaga offers the best of both worlds. On the one hand the fun of a modern city, a cultural metropolis while enjoying on the other hand the relaxed feeling of a town at the beach.
So whether you're looking for culture, are a party animal or prefer sporting activities, Malaga has it all!

Malaga is located 500 km south of Madrid, 160 miles south of Córdoba, 200 km south of Seville. It lies right on the coast of Torremolinos.

Especially the Malaga region is known for Flamenco dancing, some styles are originated in several places in the province of Malaga. So we know the rondeña, verdiales, jaberas and malagueñas. They are all variations of the fandango until they became known as various forms of flamenco.
Flamenco in Malaga is famous for the musician Juan Berva, with his own style, often described as "virtuoso" flamenco, he often brought flamenco into the international spotlight.
Malaga has little flamenco schools but there are a few who are very nice and can be well combined with other vacation activities.

The inhabitants of Malaga love their food, this can be seen in the many restaurants, "chiringuitos" (beach bars) and bars. The kitchen of Málaga is light and nutritious. You will find here both the traditional and innovative cuisine, which makes eating an exciting gastronomic experience.
As a coastal city Málaga is best known for its seafood specialties in all varieties, of course, the fish is always fresh in stock. Try especially the grilled sardines on bamboo sticks, one of the favorites.

Going out
Malaga has a totally different face in the evening .... There is plenty to do and to explore until dawn ...
The night life can be found mainly in the streets and squares at the Plaza de la Merced, Plaza de la Constitucion, Calle Granada, Calle Alcazabilla, Calle La Malagueta and Calle Larios. There are many bars, discos and nightclubs.
The party becomes alive around midnight and lasts until sunrise.

Malaga is the birthplace of Pablo Picasso, there are also two museums dedicated to his work, the Picasso museum in Malaga and his birthplace. There are nearly 20 museums, so plenty to do, from classical to avant-garde.
A visit to the castle, the Alcazaba and the cathedral are very worthwhile.
There is a large number of events, concerts and festivals like the carnival of Málaga, and the Mayor Verdiales fiesta, Semana Santa (Holy Week before Easter) The feria in August is the best. A week long festival with colorful lasting impressions, various activities, flamenco and beautiful costumes.

The relaxed friendly and warm people always have a smile for their visitors. They love their local cuisine and you'll often see them together in bars, tapasresraurants where they entertain you with their stories and their jokes.