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Famous, busy city in the center of the region with a rich history. The Sevillanos are very proud of their city's nightlife. Seville is also a thriving center of art, fashion and flamenco. In Seville flamenco appears in all its forms. But, just in Seville you will find everything the modern man needs within the range of a few kilometers. From modern to traditional and trendy and quiet.

Seville is located 90 km north of Cadiz, 90 km east of Huelva and the beach in south Andalusia. From the departure of Columbus in 1492 to the World Exhibition in 1992, Seville has captured its place in history . A city to lose your heart on.

Flamenco can be seen in all its guises in Seville. This Andalusian art form consists of many styles and you can find it all here. The tourism tablaos to well kept secret venues and Peña's. From Sevillanas to cante jondo. Particularly in the Triana district where in the bars regular emotional outbursts of singing can be heard. Although for tourists, the tablaos are of pretty good quality. There are regular flamenco festivals with the Bienal de Arte Flamenco as the most important. It is therefore not surprising , in Seville are the most dance schools located. From one hour of class to courses of 2 to 3 months.

On every corner tapas can be find. But the most sophisticated tapas can be found at Tapas and Tintos, a friendly and affordable place to enjoy haute cuisine tapas. This tapas bar is owned by Dani Garcia, the famous chef from Málaga, known from his restaurant at the Don Pepe Hotel in Marbella, a Michelin-star restaurant.
And like everywhere in Spain, fish is often on the menu here.

Going out
The Sevillanos are proud of their night life and have it all right here! You can continue to party until dawn if you want, and indeed with temperatures of 45 degrees it is not really surprising that people are mainly directed at the evenings. Many concerts start around midnight.
El Giraldillo is a monthly magazine, the main events are announced. Many features in flamenco tablaos to Peñas and bars in the Triana district. Also beautiful theaters, opera, classical music, jazz and pop music. Nice cozy intimate pubs but also high-tech clubs and a lively gay scene.
It begins in a traditional café or tapas bar, the bars of later in the evening are very different in atmosphere. Some night clubs open at three in the morning.

Many of the major sights are in or near the center on the left bank of the Guadalquivir river, La Giralda, the Reales Alcazares and the Museo de Bellas Artes, Casa de Pilatos, the Seville bullring, Plaza de Torros and many churches, monuments and neighborhoods are worth a visit.
And there is the very famous Semana Santa in Seville. The holy week before Easter.
More than 100 Pasos (floats with statues of saints) are carried through the streets, accompanied by Nazarenos, about 50 members of brotherhoods, dressed in long robes and pointy hats. In the early hours of Good Friday emotions blaze high as the Virgen de la Macarena is carried around in the middle of 2500 Nazarenos, the Virgin on her journey to the cathedral.

The inhabitants of Seville are very friendly and full of laughter. It is as if the Spaniards did not get out of their party of regained freedom. Enjoyment of life is a must! You meet people quickly and there's an upbeat ambiance.
Seville also has a dark side, there are many pickpockets. So beware.